5 Keys To Selling Luxury Real Estate

Selling luxury real estate is in a league of its own. Janice Bosworth-Dunphy is a Luxury Home Sales Expert in the Greater Boston area who is happy to share some of her key tips and insights into selling luxury homes south of Boston.

Keys To Selling Luxury Home

Key #1: Make the Right First Impression

From enhancing your property’s curb appeal with landscaping, to rearranging all of the existing furniture, there are a number of ways to capture the interest of a buyer from the moment they arrive for the first time. “From staging and showing luxury homes over the years, I know exactly how to attract buyers and avoid turning them off,” says Janice. “Staging a home correctly can make or break the success of a sale!”


Key #2: Encourage Marketing Through Multiple Channels

Effective advertising is key to any business, and selling a home should be considered one in the same. “We are merchandising and marketing a luxury asset,” says Janice, “It’s important to leverage all channels at our disposal.” By utilizing print, online, and other available marketing mediums, a luxury home for sale can gain the level of exposure necessary to target and bring in buyers. “Besides posting homes on KW.com, Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, I also use Facebook and Email Marketing to drive more interested buyers through the doors of my sellers’ homes,” says Bosworth-Dunphy.


Key #3: Be Patient with the Process

No matter what the market conditions are, some sellers always feel the need to rush, but, at times, slow and steady wins the race. “Feeling pressured to sell quickly can be very detrimental,” says Janice, “but ultimately, it will make the selling process longer. In my experience, being hasty can make you ignore important market trends, cause tension between sellers and agents, and even put off some buyers. I educate my clients as we go through the process and ensure that they understand  each step in our successful selling strategy.”

Key #4: Work With, Not Against, Your Agent

“My primary objective is to satisfy my client, “ says Janice Bosworth-Dunphy. “Sometimes that means that my sellers have to hear some hard truths about the property, the staging, and even the listing price. The most important thing to remember here is that I’m being honest and setting realistic goals. I find the better I can communicate with my clients, the more my clients feel empowered and understand what needs to be done in order to fulfill their expectations.”


Key #5: Consider Throwing in Extra Incentives

Do you have something that will sweeten the deal? Your imported furniture or hand picked art pieces can become the leverage you need to motivate a buyer. In this case, it’s all about perceived value. Janice Bosworth-Dunphy explains, “This is a very large and considered purchase. At times, we’ve encountered fickle buyers who hem and haw over small details. One tactic that has brought favorable results was for us to throw in all of the furniture to sweeten the deal. Fortunately, that was all it took for us to bridge the gap between the buyer’s limit and the asking price.”